Diggers Dream

Searching in my pictures archives, I realised that I still didn’t share with you those crazy pictures from that quite singular place. Unfortunately, I will not be able to tell you so much about this place as everyone has been quiet. One thing is sure, it do not exist anymore. I was there at the end of September 2009 and I’ve been quite lucky as I remember the owner of the place telling me that that was it! he has just sold the warehouse and he was going to be destroyed within two weeks! And that is what actually happen.

To be completely honest, I felt quite sad while preparing the pictures. Sad for not being able to share more infos than that with you all. But then I realised that we should all take it for what it is, a dream. Those pictures, which are the only one existing from that place, should be seen as the illustration of that  dream, of the biggest fantasy of every record digger. But a dream that can became true and should motivate each-one of us to keep on searching, to keep on being curious!” - Frédéric Thiphagne

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